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For Sale

Please call Carol 815-648-2973 for  driving carriages and

farm equipment that are for sale. All stored inside garage. More to be listed!

  • 4 wheel large black carriage with red seat. Rubber tires for quiet ride. Excellent condition. Garage kept. $1300 (original price $2500) *pictured above

  • Gorgeous wooden carriage, holds 4 people. Smooth ride, gorgeous EXCELLENT condition. $2000 (original price $5000) *pictured above

  • Also for sale (full horse size):

    • Easy entry cart​ Call for pricing

    • 2 seated carriage Call for pricing

  • Also for sale (mini horse size)

    • Mini viceroy cart​ *pictured above Call for pricing

    • Combination driving cart that converts to a roadster cart *pictured above Call for pricing

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