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Meet our former stallion: "El"

Our incredible stallions had more than just impeccable breeding, they had amazing temperaments, were handled daily and were very loved.

We have been very particular about our foundation sires and owners of our foals can attest to our breeding standards of excellence!

S Starr Seven El Rey II ("El")


Black and White Homozygous Pinto 

FMHA #1202 
Sire: Grosshills El Rey FMHA #354 
Grandsire: La Ruina (Foundation Falabella; Falabella Farms, Argentina) 
Dam: Toyland Darlita FMHA #741


El was our most popular stallions for the "black and white pinto with blue eyes" lovers! His Falabella bloodlines are historic to the Foundation Falabellas in Argentina.

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